Cloud Desktops for Managed Service Providers

Your customers know all too well how difficult it can be to manage the infrastructure required to empower their increasingly mobile workforces. That’s why they come to you to do it for them. With GetCloudServices Cloud Desktops you can ensure that you deliver the services they need.

With Cloud Desktop, you can assure your customers that their employees have secure access to critical business applications and data from any device and wherever they are on the network. Our service allows you to guarantee 100% uptime over lightning fast connections, ensuring that your business can meet the service-level agreements that your business depends on, and pass along the related cost savings to your customers. Depending on our reliable platform allows you to focus on the value-added services your customers have come to count on.

GetCloudServices and Your Services Organization

Cloud Desktops puts your applications and desktops in cloud datacenters where they can be accessed from any device. Your customers simply login in with their credentials and they are given the ability to provide their employees with the freedom to work wherever and whenever they need to - all with an uncompromised performance and user experience that's as good as or even better than a traditional desktop.

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