Lync Secure Instant Messaging

A Powerful Collaboration Tool For Your Distributed Users

Lync Secure Chat and Conferencing includes features that take office communications to a new level, while providing a secure and professional alternative for instant messaging.

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Benefits of Lync Instant Messaging

Securely chat with co-workers in any office and keep projects and work flowing with real-time communications, even with a distributed, mobile workforce. Group chat combined with desktop sharing is a powerful tool to drive information sharing across your organization, particularly with employees located in different offices. You and your employees can manage instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, meetings and shared whiteboard sessions right from your PC.

  • Lync provides immediate, visual availability indicators of colleagues’ ability to chat, showing if contacts are “available,” “away”, “busy”, and more.
  • Presence is automatically updated based on your Outlook calendar with integration with Outlook and OWA, and is displayed across all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Share any document or application so that ideas are communicated faster and work is completed more efficiently.
  • Chat sessions transition to face-to-face meetings with a single click, instantly improving collaboration.

Why should I add Lync to my business?

  • Sharing the way it was meant to be. Use Lync and Lync Enterprise to extend the conversation to groups, add in voice, video conferencing and even share desktops.
  • Full integration with Exchange. No more guessing to see if others are online. Instant messaging means an instant answer by being able to see your schedule and your contact’s schedule so you know who’s available when you are.
  • Mobile anywhere. Lync is available on iOS, Android and other leading devices for anywhere access.
  • Highly secured and removes intrusion risk. Commodity-grade instant messaging services open up your business to potential hackers and security threats. Lync provides enterprise-level secured messaging.
  • Supported up by GetCloudServices. Have the confidence to run Lync with GCS cloud servers and cloud desktops and get full backup, redundancy and high performance with industry-leading SLAs.

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  • Secure instant messaging
  • File transfer
  • Peer-to-peer audio/video conferencing
  • Web conference attendee experience

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