Benefits of Email Archiving

The volume of email produced by your business is continuing to rise and at the same time industry regulations require your business communications to be stored endlessly. While every industry offers unique regulatory challenges, many industries are required by legislation to comply with long-term data management regulations.

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Compliance is often determined by...


Data must be safeguarded against all threats to its integrity


Data must be retained in its original state without being altered


Data must be accessible in a timely manner when required

Imagine If Your Business Is Involved In A Lawsuit

If your business is implicated in a lawsuit or other legal action, a court may order discovery of your email records and relevant information. Without an easily searchable archive, you may be forced to dedicate considerable time and resources to comply with a Discovery order. Because many statutes require data to be stored for 2 to 7 years, a court will show little flexibility if your data is unavailable or inaccessible. Failure to comply could result in steep fines and negatively impact your business.

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Features of Email Archiving

Email Archiving offers preservation, protection and recovery features that meet or exceed the standards necessary to assure compliance—while speeding eDiscovery and safeguarding your valuable intellectual property.

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Storage and capture features

Email Archiving automatically captures and stores every email and over 400 different file types received by every mailbox on any device that has activated this service. Once an email is stored, it remains searchable, accessible and secure—forever.

  • Stored data is replicated to eight geographically dispersed SSAE 16 audited, ISO 27001 and PCI compliant, and FISMA Moderate certified data centers in real-time
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • Unlimited storage growth automatically matches your mailbox/data growth with no investment or installation on your part

Security features

Record authenticity and preservation is one of the key requirements in compliance and e-Discovery mandates. Email Archiving protects records from loss, corruption, damage or misuse. There is absolutely no co-mingling of data—data is stored in individual customer silos to prevent corruption.

  • FIPS-certified AES 256-bit encryption of stored data provides DoD-level security
  • WORM-compliant media assures long term, tamper-proof storage
  • FISMA-compliant geo-replicated data centers

Search and restoration features

Email Archiving includes a variety of search features that ensure your data is always available, in its original form, for quick searching, identification and retrieval. Unlike other vendors, all your data is online and immediately accessible—we never migrate your data to offline or near-line storage systems.

  • Three different search methods (simple, wizard, advanced) using filters, wildcards, advanced Boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators
  • Tagging capabilities let you identify content accurately and quickly
  • Implement a “legal hold” to identify, segregate and preserve relevant data found during an eDiscovery operation

Robust recovery options

All user data is stored in a central repository to allow admins to perform a single search across every mailbox in your account.

Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and other formats

Email Archiving can be quickly and easily integrated into your current email system, and supports all major messaging environments including Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, IMail, Scalix, and Zimbra.

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