About GetCloudServices

GetCloudServices is a division of IT Solutions Now. Headquartered in Jacksonville FL, IT Solutions Now is a privately held technology services firm. We are able to offer small and medium-sized businesses a superior way to use integrated technology through the combination of the benefits of IT outsourcing, ASP, and software hosting.

We deliver on our promise because of 3 important reasons:

  • Economies of Scale
  • The Value of Experience
  • Focus of Service

Economies of Scale

With thousands of users from all over the country, we are able to deliver unmatched value to our clients due to the economies of scale that are a natural part of our business model:

  • Lower fees
  • Expert support staff
  • Dozens of tailored Add-ons
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Reliable systems
  • and much more...

The Value of Experience

With the difficulties and obstacles involved in managing a business' computer systems, an organization can become bogged down. There are always problems you didn't anticipate, bugs, incompatibilities, and recurring issues with users not using computer systems the way in which they were intended. Experience allows for all things to become straightforward, predictable, and much less expensive. With the wealth of experience that GetCloudServices has built we are able to deliver our services with efficiency, and a true level of excellence.

Focus of Service

Put simply: You would hire an accounting firm for your accounting needs, or a law firm for your legal needs, as that would be the wise and prudent business decision. Using IT Solutions Now for your technology needs is that type of decision. For GetCloudServices, providing an exceptional computing experience is our core competency, and doing it for thousands of users is what we do. Having this level of focus we excel in our functions and thus deliver the best possible benefits to our clients.


GetCloudServices has established a world class support team that is professionally educated and available on-site at each data center 24 hours per day. GetCloudServices currently employs hundreds of support engineers with specialties in areas such as Technical Support, Server Setup, Networking, Security and many more.

GetCloudServices support allows our customers to rest easy knowing their data & services are in good hands.

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