Application Hosting

With Application Hosting your users will literally not notice the difference. Applications are published in seamless windows and appear exactly the way local applications do. Launched via our Virtual Desktop, applications are accessed using Microsoft Terminal Services.

To ensure full redundancy (at the application server level), all applications are deployed and tested on multiple servers. Based on their requirements, job functions, and preferences, different companies and individuals can have access to completely different applications.

Standard Packages

  • Number of Users
  • Price Per Month
1 - 14 Users
$100 Per User Sign Up
15 - 30 Users
$90 Per User Sign Up
31 - 50 Users
$80 Per User Sign Up
50+ Users
Our Standard Packages Include:
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Edition
  • Hosted Exchange
  • All built-in Windows Applications
  • Web Hosting

Types of Applications

Applications like Microsoft Office, Acrobat, Visio, Peachtree, QuickBooks, ACT!, Great Plains, MAS, Goldmine, Solomon, Sales Logix and basically any industry specific or custom-built Windows-compatible application can be hosted by GetCloudServices. GetCloudServices Application Hosting presently has the ability to host 99% of Windows-compatible applications, and gives you the option to request that any software title be added to the list of applications we currently host. Note: There are a minimum number of users required by certain applications.

Starting at $100 per user/month! Don't wait, sign up with GetCloudServices today!

Monitored Applications

Our application servers are constantly monitored for health, speed, load, temperature, memory usage, etc., and we regularly monitor application performance. In an effort to improve performance and accommodate growth we add equipment and replace aging or outdated equipment regularly throughout the year. Regardless of the resources required, our goal is for applications to perform as good as or better than if they were running on a local computer. GetCloudServices is committed to delivering this level of performance and maintains monitoring of all software and hardware in order to accomplish this goal.

Application Maintenance & Upgrades

As GetCloudServices handles all maintenance and application upgrades, we have streamlined our methods to ensure not only the best performance, but the protection of our clients as well. At no additional cost GetCloudServices performs all application maintenance, which depending on the specific application, could be a once-a-year task or a daily one. Whether it be updates, patches, log file examination, upgrades, testing, or other tasks, we ensure a timely and efficient execution. Where larger upgrades are required, GetCloudServices establishes a temporary test environment using the exact or comparable hardware to test the upgrade before it ever reaches your live platform.

Software Licensing

For applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional and QuickBooks Enterprise Edition, licensing is essential and therefore licensing is included for business applications included in the GetCloudServices packages. For user-specified applications that are not listed in the standard packages clients must ensure that their organization owns the correct number of licenses.

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