Cloud Servers to Keep Up With Your Business in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

While moving to the cloud may seem daunting at first, your business will undoubtedly benefit as a result. The cloud is a virtualized environment that takes advantage of technology to help reduce business IT infrastructure costs. Cloud hosting allows many different servers to function as one unit for storage
and processing.

The Infrastructure as a Service marketplace is a crowded place. Don’t trust your VPS or Cloud Server needs to a commodity based solution that tries to fit for all. Choose a provider that focuses on the needs of the technology community. Whether you are looking to rollout a Container, a single server web hosting solution, or a multi-server VPS or Cloud Server solution, GetCloudServices provides you with near instant provisioning with Guaranteed Performance on an all SSD Solidfire SAN.

Plesk by Parallels

Website and application management are key to a successful hosted solution. All Windows and Linux Cloud Server solutions include a free license of the latest version of Plesk by Parallels.

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On-Demand Scalability

Turn services on and off on the fly to scale up or down to exactly the amount of computing power you need, exactly when your business needs it. Buy only what you need to get started and grow your performance seamlessly to accommodate changing demands.

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Highly Customizable Servers

Your Cloud Servers are completely customizable, and resources such as the firewall, load balancing, snapshots and images can be added on demand. We fully support both Linux and Windows operating systems.

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High Performance is Standard

Our cloud is powered by a Solidfire SSD SAN, which allows us to provide each client with not only the fastest servers possible, but guaranteed IOPs and Quality of Service (QoS). With optimized I/O speeds, GetCloudServices’ performance features give our users a previously unavailable level of efficiency.

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Getting Started is Easy!

Select Your Server

GetCloudServices’ cloud infrastructure lets you spin up Cloud Servers in minutes. Once you are up and running, you can scale your cloud environment by upgrading resources on demand through our GetCloudServices Cloud Portal. Adding memory, CPU, port speed or disk space is simply a few clicks away.

Select Your OS

GetCloudServices supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Simply choose through our Cloud Portal.

Your Server is Online

Your server is now in the GetCloudService's cloud, where we guarantee 100% uptime. You can turn services on and off on the fly to scale up or down to exactly the amount of computing power you need, when you need it.

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