Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud describes the technology which manages the performance, security, and privacy concerns resulting from a mixture of IT services delivery methods.

Often times, it is more cost effective to use a custom Cloud Server for certain applications and use shared Cloud Services for other applications. We address this need by putting it all together in a, hybrid, unified way. Our Hybrid Cloud hosting infrastructure is therefore a mixture of Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, or Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM; giving you the best of both worlds while meeting your computing needs.

While most other providers don't have an option for a Hybrid Cloud, GetCloudServices includes this as a standard.

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The GetCloudServices Hybrid Cloud approach gives you the most flexibility and benefits such as:

  • Maximize your spending by using the Cloud Server for dedicated resources instead of trying to combine network services on 1 server.
  • Use the shared Cloud Services to instantly have access to clustered, redundant, enterprise level resources such as Hosted Exchange or Hosted SharePoint
  • Combine both Linux Servers with Microsoft-based Services
  • Allows you to have a custom solution, not just the typical plans that the other provider's offer.

GetCloudServices understands that each client, business, and industry is unique. Our focus is delivering services that meet those unique needs, not just providing the standard plan that is off the shelf.

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