Software as a Service - SaaS

In today's world, when software is ubiquitous and the traditional license software license purchases have begun to seem antiquated, GetCloudServices helps its customers to migrate to Software as a Service business model and gain access to a variety of software applications anytime, anywhere - over the cloud.

Service Oriented Architecture for All Kinds of Software Needs!

Software as a service, or 'SaaS', is a software application delivery model by which you do not need to buy software licenses or additional infrastructure equipment, instead the software are made available to you over the Internet.

With this technology shift, SaaS has proven to be very cost-effective. You only pay monthly fees for using the software and need not worry about upgrades. In fact, the entire burden of developing, maintaining, hosting and updating the software lies with us. Some of the benefits of SaaS solutions are:

  • Easier administration
  • Easier collaboration
  • Automatic updates and patch management
  • Global accessibility
  • Improved compatibility: all users will have the same version of software

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Why use GetCloudServices?

When you subscribe to a SaaS application, your application data is stored on the GetCloudServices servers rather than on your own servers and we ensure you're your data is 100% secure and available anytime you want. We back up your data and store backups in a secure location.

When you subscribe to our software service, you:

Save money

Subscription costs for SaaS applications reflect the economies of scale achieved by "multitenancy." Multi-tenancy means that many customers run their applications on the same unit of software, hosted at our remote servers. Thus, our SaaS solutions lower your IT costs and enable you to use applications on the go rather than a traditional on-premises application.

Save time

When you subscribe to a SaaS application, you avoid the overhead associated with implementing conventional software. A typical software implementation involves purchasing and maintaining servers, housing them securely, and installing and maintaining the software. This requires the time and effort of experienced IT personnel and deflects the efforts of employees at a number of levels away from the core mission of your organization.

Focus on Business

With SaaS solutions, you can focus your technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure. When you subscribe to a web-hosted application, you free your organization from supporting high-cost, time-consuming IT functions.

Stay Up-to-date

With traditional licensed software, you typically have to wait for the next release to benefit from the latest innovations or to move your organization to a new browser or operating system. Given the cost and complexity of moving to a new version, it may not even be practical to upgrade each time a new release becomes available.

With a SaaS subscription, you benefit from innovations on an on-going basis. As soon as a new or improved feature appears in the application, you can begin using it. Thus, you can gain immediate access to the latest innovations.

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