Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Serving as the foundation of cloud computing, IaaS is the base layer of the cloud stack that leads to virtualization. Infrastructure as a Service model not only helps in making infrastructure management simple but also more profitable and scalable to meet the growing business needs.

Why Should I Choose IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS offers enterprise-class managed solutions for business of all sizes. IaaS encompasses delivering services to customers on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. An infrastructure as a service may include providing computer, network, and storage components as and when the need appears.

IaaS model is helpful for all customers as they can benefit by subscribing to cost-efficient resources based on their needs and obtain increased agility and productivity. The companies can take advantage of many IaaS benefits, including:

  • Consolidation of infrastructure through virtualization
  • Cost efficient use of infrastructure and amortization
  • Economic efficiencies within the organization
  • Ability to scalability of the network - anytime, anywhere.

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Why use GetCloudServices?

At GetCloudServices, we help you take the first step towards aligning IT with business goals and achieving much more than a simple reduction of costs.

Now you can streamline your IT operations using global standards and save on your IT infrastructure with IaaS. As your trusted IaaS provider, GetCloudServices supply the whole cloud infrastructure viz. servers, routers, hardware based load-balancing, firewalls, storage and other network equipment.

Our Infrastructure as a Service enables you to get the flexibility to manage IT costs and operations tailored to your requirements, plus other benefits like:


With our IaaS solutions, you pay only for the resources you actually consume. This is unlike the traditional services where you pay a fixed amount even if you don't use the resources, or don't have enough clients to consume the preconfigured resources. In cloud computing, i.e., IaaS, you pay less if you have a lower customer base and vice-versa.


As a chosen outsourcing partner for hosting mission critical applications over the cloud, GetCloudServices provides the extensive knowledge and expertise to professionally manage your critical IT infrastructure without any delay.


In general, Cloud is elastic in nature, i.e., you can control the number of resources that you use at any given point in time. Using our IaaS model, you can easily configure your resources for unexpected spikes in traffic. Based on your computing requirements and configuration, we respond quickly to scale up or down.


With our Service Level Agreements, we ensure that you can depend upon our cloud computing infrastructure as a service. Each of your requirements will be dealt with in a timely manner and our expert team will ensure that you get what you want, whenever you want.

Our infrastructure utilizes best-in-class architectures and technologies from Tier 1 vendors, including Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft. Built with flexibility, scalability, and most importantly reliability in mind, we provide our clients unmatched service.

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