Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting allows you to modify server resources on-the-fly, according to your requirements at any given time. Instead of limiting yourself to a single server like with traditional hosting services, your website now has access to multiple servers.

You get what you need on-demand, and only pay for what you use. Server setup time is practically eradicated, and we give you the flexibility to beef up resources to handle a spike in traffic during peak periods, or scale back when things slow down. And redundancy is built in; if any component or server fails it simply drops out of the cloud & brings you back online within seconds on a new one.


  • Scale servers;
  • Pay only for what you use;
  • Run any software you wish;
  • Maintain full administrative access to your servers
  • Use a superior alternative to VPS (Virtual Private Servers);
  • Provision servers in seconds on a highly redundant hardware platform;
  • Add cPanel/WHM control panel to a Cloud Server for easy administration.

Being an on-demand service and it can be very cost-effective as you only pay for what you use. It is hassle free and you don't need to worry about how everything is maintained back stage in cloud technology nor do you need to worry about technical aspects like load balance and security or the hardware performance. No need to worry about device maintenance, repair or replacement because all of this is taken care of by your cloud hosting provider.

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Cloud hosting has a number of benefits that can be harnessed apart from its spread over the entire cloud:

  1. 1

    Instant Availability of Resources: Since the resources are accessed from the pool across multiple computers and are not restricted by any single physical server, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime as needed.

  2. 2

    High Performance: High level of performance is guaranteed as it is based on multiple computers. Sudden surge in website usage won't be a problem anymore as the burden is shared across the entire network evenly.

  3. 3

    Reduced Risk of Failure: With the multiple computers sharing the resources, if one computer is goes down, the resources are pulled from other computers in the cloud and thereby reducing the risk of failure. It is very beneficial feature as the loss associated with the failures can be immense.

  4. 4

    High scalability: Backed up with large number of computers and devices with super storage, it is very beneficial for easy and fast scaling if required in terms of resource consumption. It can be done either manually or automatically. It gives you growth and flexibility to a highest degree as required.

  5. 5

    Cost-Effective: This can be cost effective as there is no need to spend tons of money in infrastructures and adding up physical devices. No need to worry for maintenance, replacing or repairing of devices. Moreover, the service is on demand and pay for the services as used.

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